Bead Roller Kit & Rotary Machine

Rotary Machine-Powered (220V/50Hz,Variable Speed,Double Directions Foot Pedal)

Item No.: 180-0102L
Rotary Machine-Powered
(220V/50Hz, Variable Speed, Double Directions Foot Pedal)

Item: 180-0102L
• This machine is especially designed and constructed for producing thousands of different profiles in a sheet of steel or aluminum using
  only a few pair of wheels
• Construction in heavy gauge steel and with unique adjusting of  the upper shaft
• Forward and back ratio with double directions variable speed foot pedal,makes it powerful and you have both your hands free to control the sheet
• Very easy to use and changing wheels is done in seconds
• Reliable motor power
• Multiple micro adjustments for accurate rolling precision
• Strong steel Stand provides an ideal working height
• Motor: 180W, 1400RPM,220V,50Hz,Single Phase
• Max. Roller Speed: 14RPM without load
• 12 die sets included to form the most-needed shapes
• Bead Mandrels Sizes (mm//in): 4//5/32, 6.35//1/4, 9.5//3/8, 12//15/32,15//19/32
• Flange Mandrels Sizes (mm//in):1.6//1/16, 3//1/8, 6.35//1/4,9.5//3/8
• Shearing Mandrel Quantity: 1 set
• Ogee Beading Mandrel Quantity: 1 set
• Wiring Mandrel Quantity: 1 set
• Capacity (mm/ga): 1/20
• Guide Fence: Adjustable
• Throat (mm//in): 395//15-1/2
• Overall Dimension (mm):889X270X1265
• Packing Dimension (mm): 1130X480X300(1PC)
• N.W./G.W. (KGS): 65.8/69(1PC)